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1st - 2nd Grade Boys 7v7 Field Dimensions and Rules

- Field will be 80 yards long by 40 yards wide. The end lines will be at the regulation GLE (goal line extended). Recommend cones. The sidelines will be the restraining box and wing lines. 

- GLE will be 30 yards from midfield line, leaving 10 yards behind GLE to end line.

- Goals will be 4’ x 4’

- Games played with 2 midfielders, 2 attackmen, 2 defensemen and 1 goalie.

- All short sticks.

- 12 minute running quarters. 1 Timeout per game not to be used in the last 2 minutes of half or game.

- Face-offs after a goal.  Midfielders will line up on side line for face-offs, either on the same side of the field or on the opposite sides of the field.

- Substitution will be after a goal, dead ball or on the fly, use 20 yard substitution box.

- Two coaches may be on the field, one on the offensive end and one on the defensive.

- There will be no “time-served” penalties, fast breaks will be used instead.  The midfielder with possession of the ball will get a five yard head start from the midfield line.  Both defensive mid-fielders and the remaining offensive midfielder will line up next to each other five yards from the midfield line.  The defenders and attack will line up at GLE and may release when whistle blows. Creates a 2v3 fast break. Player who commits the foul needs to be removed from play but may re-enter immediately after the fast break.

- No player shall possess the ball for more than four seconds.  If that player possesses the ball for more than four seconds, the referee will blow their whistle and call a turnover on that player.  The only exception to this rule is when a team has a large lead against another team, the team that is behind will be given an additional second or two to possess the ball to try to set up their offense.

If a player while in possession of the ball drops the ball on purpose and then picks the ball back up in an attempt to beat the four second rule, the referee will blow their whistle and call a violation on that player of the four second rule and the other team will gain possession.